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Local culinary masters create delectable dishes every day in St. Augustine’s restaurants. Kitchens in the oldest city are cranking out fresh entrees made with local ingredients. The variety of restaurants, sidewalk cafes, bars, pubs, eateries, coffee shops and more provide a robust assortment of dining options. While on vacation in the oldest city be sure to stop in the local restaurants and get a taste of our fresh, gourmet foods.

Florida has thousands of great restaurants to choose from, but sometimes you need something extra special. If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or have a fun night out, check out these unique themed restaurants.


Winter Springs says ‘Aloha’ to Big Kahuna’s raw-fish island bowls

Poké go This time last summer, poké – Hawaii’s latest contribution to the culinary-industrial complex – took the U.S. mainland by storm (except Cali, where it was already well-established). Folks everywhere were suddenly hooked on the bracing bricolage of fish and rice and assorted pickles and toppings.… Ceative Solutions for Your Business…


The Petrakis restaurateurs grow their culinary commonwealth with Polite Pig

The Empire Smokes Back Many a restaurant mogul of late has made the ego trip to Disney Springs, where riches – in the form of famished and weary travelers from near and far – await to be exploited. So far, these celebrated culinarians have brought national and international star power to gastronomy’s Olympic Village, but now we (and those tourists) can help fatten the coffers of some of our very own local notables.… Ceative Solutions for Your Business…


The Pie Orlando’s square pizzas offer a slice of pizza pulchritude

Rome if you want to When I strolled the various vias and piazzas of Rome, I couldn’t resist stopping every half-hour for a doppio macchiato and a scoop of stracciatella. It posed a true test of intestinal fortitude – all the more so when the enticing wafts of pizza al taglio lured us into one or another of the many little pizzerias we happened upon.… Ceative Solutions for Your Business…


Summertime calls for adding sparkling rośe and ruby-red grapefruit to your negroni

The negroni sbagliato It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single drinker in possession of an educated palate must be in want of a Negroni. With apologies to Jane Austen for bending the first line of Pride and Prejudice to my own ends, I submit that the Negroni, that tripartite elixir of Campari, sweet vermouth and gin, is as beloved by refined drinkers as Mr. Darcy is by Austenites.… Ceative Solutions for Your Business…


Tin & Taco is posher than your average taqueria

They’re crafty Evidently there was a need for a slightly more posh taqueria in downtown Orlando, so Rob Bair opened Tin & Taco for the adventurous palate. These are “craft” tacos being assembled here, don’t you know, and they’re served with frightfully good craft beer and “craft” sodas.… Ceative Solutions for Your Business…